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From our humble beginnings in California nearly 25 years ago, Valley's ambitions continue to be centred around four core values that have served us and our customers so well throughout the years.

All Valley products are subjected to a rigorous quality-control process, and are designed to adhere to precise manufacturing and safety standards. As such, every item we offer is backed by a steadfast warranty:
- Limited Lifetime Warranty for hand tools
- 1 Year Warranty for hydraulics, air, and power tools

With over two decades of worldwide experience, Valley's buying team has developed strong and stable relationships with manufacturers across the globe, ensuring you receive the right quality, on time, every time. It's no wonder we have one of the highest fulfilment rates in the industry, which in combination with our professional and efficient operation, ensures your order will arrive exactly as you intended.

Not only is our stock constantly available, so is our sales team! As a Valley customer, you will be automatically assigned two personalized points of contact. First, you will be met by an experienced in-field account manager, who will visit as often as you wish. And when we say experienced, we mean it - all our account managers have over 20 years of industry wisdom to share with you. Second, you will obtain an in-house sales assistant who will support you whenever you require. That means whether there's an order to process, a question to answer or a problem to solve, one of our specialized team members will always be available and eager to help!

Probably our most important value is, well, exactly that...value!
It all boils down to one simple rule - we only invest where it directly benefits our customers. This streamlined approach means we keep our facilities and processes as basic as possible so that you don't pay for them in your prices. As part of this, we don't force inflated retail prices onto you and your customers - that sort of behaviour doesn't seem to benefit you at all. Nope, no matter how hard you look, you won't find any recommended retail prices on this site or in our catalogue. We prefer to focus on keeping costs down, and on allowing our customers to realize the true value of our products. We're confident you'll be pleased with what you find.

Want to know more? Contact us and we'll be happy to serve you.